Las Vegas has a proven track record of successfully winning white-collar criminal cases for their defendants including cases of government, corporate and violent crime investigations.

One white-collar lawyer Las Vegas is particularly proud to have on its team of defense lawyers is Gabriel L. Grasso, who with over twenty years of experience has the expertise to successfully defend white-collar criminal charges.

Winning White Collar Charges Requires Effective Trial Strategy

Whether a defendant is indicted by the Federal Government or State Government, Gabriel L. Grasso is the white-collar attorney that has a solid background of securing early stage dismissals, and even more impressively, winning should a case go forward to trial.

Even though white collar allegations are varied and differ in seriousness case by case, it is important to note that white collar crimes being prosecuted at the Federal Level are notoriously the hardest to defend and risk the highest chance of prison time if there is a conviction.

This is why Gabriel L. Grasso offers a superior level of protection by focusing heavily on thorough preparation and an aggressive defense from the very beginning in order to obtain early dismissals or in some cases accepting the pleas that will ultimately require little or no prison time.

Gabriel L. Grasso is also known for fighting to protect the interests of individual defendants should there be any damages for violations of any federal or personal rights.

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