The best defense attorney Las Vegas residents count on is attorney Gabriel Grasso. With over 20 years experience practicing criminal law, Mr. Grasso has successfully defended over 100 trials to verdict, including high-profile criminal cases. If you are ever charged with a crime, and whether you are guilty or not guilty, it is important that you contact a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas like Gabriel Grasso.

Cases Covered by Gabriel L. Grasso:

Most criminal behavior can be broken down into two components, the act and the mental state.

A lawyer must show that there is evidence proving that each and every one of the components for criminal behavior actually exist. Mr. Grasso has defended criminal cases, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that unlawful tactics were used toward arrest as well as defending cases with the use of scientific evidence. Some of these cases include representing defendants who claimed entrapment by the police regarding drug trafficking, explanation of the science behind eyewitness accounts and DNA analysis. With his great knowledge in the field of law, his remarkable skills of logical reasoning, and his many years of experience in the field, Mr. Grasso can be considered the best defense attorney Las Vegas has to offer.

If you’ve been charged with an offense and need a lawyer to prepare your case, a defense attorney could help. Your attorney can serve as your guide and advocate while working to resolve your matter in a favorable fashion.

Creating a Strategy for Your Defense

A lawyer who practices in criminal defense in Las Vegas may be able to find a simple strategy to deal with the penalties that you’re facing. An attorney can file discovery motions for your case and show you the evidence that the prosecution plans on using against you. If you have a lawyer on retainer, you’ll have the chance to speak with your attorney about the relative merits of the state’s legal argument.

Protecting Your Rights

After you’ve been arrested and charged with an offense, the police may question you in an effort to gather evidence that they can use against you. When you retain an attorney, you’ll have access to legal counsel about what you should and should not say. Because you may implicate yourself without knowing, it’s best to let an attorney handle communications on your behalf.

Working for Plea Bargains

Because many cases are resolved without ever going to trial, a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas may find an easy way to address your charges. Your attorney can speak directly with the prosecutor and argue for your best interests. Often, defendants can reach a deal in which some of their offenses are reduced when they plead guilty to a lesser charge.

Courtroom Representation

If you have a strong case, a criminal defense attorney can present your case in front of a judge or jury. Your lawyer may prepare a strategy and file motions that are needed to support your legal position.

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