federal-crimesWithout a good criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, a person is opening the door to the possibility of an unfair and unjust legal proceeding. It is imperative that you contact a good federal criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record that shows his effectiveness every day in dealing with cases like yours. If you are looking for an effective lawyer, your search ends with attorney Gabriel Grasso. He is knowledgeable, highly experienced and willing to help.

Federal vs. State charges

If you have found yourself in trouble with the law, it is important for you to understand what type of charges you are facing, and who will be prosecuting your case. Federal criminal charges most often involve conduct that is in violation of a law passed by the United States Congress, or federal laws outlined in the United States Constitution. State criminal charges most often deal with a violation of a state law.

At the discretion of the prosecution a party may be charged directly for a crime or a grand jury may be employed to determine if an indictment is handed down.

Common Federal Offenses

No matter what federal criminal charges you are facing, Mr. Grasso has the experience and resources to make sure you are granted a fair trial.

How does the law determine my sentencing?

Two main factors determine the type of sentence a crime carries.

  1. The type of criminal offense
  2. Criminal history of the offender

A Federal District Court Judge will determine the sentencing based upon many circumstances, including the factors in 18 U.S.C. 3553(a) and the federal sentencing guidelines. One’s criminal history also plays a significant role in the judge’s sentencing procedure.

Sentencing Zones

Since 2005 and the U.S. v. Booker decision, the federal sentencing guidelines have been opened to creative lawyering and the possibility of a sentence which is less than the prosecutor is asking for. Information such as this is important and can help you to avoid prison time. The most effective Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Las Vegas locals and visitors have come to trust and respect can help you with the best strategy for decreasing your sentence.

The top federal criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas

As lead council in a number of federal jury trials in federal districts across the nation, Mr. Grasso has experience in a wide range of federal charges. For over 20 years Mr. Grasso has been helping people like you get the fair trial and high quality representation they deserve.

Having the right federal criminal defense attorney is crucial especially after the 2005 “Booker” decision gave federal trial judges more sentencing discretion. Let Mr. Grasso take advantage of these changes to the law and try to get you the lowest sentence possible.

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