Responding to a Nevada Subpoena

You may receive a subpoena to compel testimony in a court proceeding or produce documents in support of the state’s or defendant’s case. This is often an alarming experience for people and the first instinct is to answer it immediately. However, a subpoena may not be issued properly or even request off-topic or inappropriate information….


Nevada Grand Jury: Subpoenas and Indictments

When you hear about grand juries, it can be a bit intimidating. The term itself sounds serious, as you wonder how a grand jury may impact the results of a case. Understanding the difference between grand juries and trial juries, as well as what a grand jury is allowed to do that can influence what…


Las Vegas Detention Center and Inmate Search

in Arrests

When you hear a loved one has been arrested, the first thing you need to do is find them. That step allows you to pay bail, understand the charges, and find an attorney to help them. Fortunately, Las Vegas and the state of Nevada offers online search tools and hotlines so you can complete this…


Las Vegas Age of Consent Laws

The latest news about Roy Moore and his attraction to teenage girls encourages new discussions about the age of consent and statutory rape. Even though he was never convicted, there is strong public opinion that he should have faced criminal charges for his actions, even though they occurred 40 years ago. This is definitely the…


Improperly Imprisoned at a Casino

Las Vegas is like an adult theme park. Whether it is live shows, gambling or unusual museums, there is something for everyone in this town. It is truly a place to escape from the doldrums of everyday life. However, one wrong move in a casino can result in a nightmare. Nevada law gives casinos more…


Expunging a Federal Conviction in Las Vegas

If you have been convicted of any criminal offense, you know how much it negatively affects your life even after you have completed serving your sentence. Whether it was time spent in prison, probation or completion of supervised release, there are many negative consequences. Applications for jobs, housing, consumer loans and others ask if you…


Interference in Interstate Commerce by Robbery: Understanding Your Charges

The charge of interference in interstate commerce by robbery is a serious one. If you are facing this type of criminal charge, it is essential that you work closely with a skilled, Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. What Is Interference in Interstate Commerce by Robbery? If you’ve been charged with interference with commerce, you are…


Federal Sentencing Guidelines Issues

The federal sentencing guidelines intend to alleviate sentencing disparities. In reality, they are often misused to pass extreme sentences on individuals whose crimes may not justify a long prison term. While they are technically “guidelines” some judges treat them as hard and fast rules and that can work against you, especially with drug offenses. Fortunately,…


Some thoughts about the War on Drugs

in Drugs

Marijuana, Thought Coercion and the Failed War on Drugs “Over the past 40 years, the United States has fought a losing domestic drug war that has cost one trillion dollars, resulted in over 40 million arrests, consumed law enforcement resources, been a key contributor to jaw-dropping rates of incarceration, damaged countless lives, and had a…


The Freedom Of Our Minds: Conscience, Drugs, Democracy, and the First Amendment

in Blog

By Christopher L. Grasso,  Associate Attorney Careful and logical analysis of the robust rights so zealously protected and spoken of by figures like Jefferson and Madison unveils an inextricable connection between each of the rights specified by the First Amendment. That is, although each right is specifically enumerated within the Amendment, the Founders were clear…