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Hey, look at this guy, he’s been named “Las Vegas Top Lawyer” two years in a row! I’ll call him……

This happens all the time on the web. People looking for qualified legal counsel choosing to call someone because they have “awards.” What most people don’t know is that the majority of those awards are up for sale, and lawyers buy them so they can toot their horn to potential clients later on. For example, there are magazines which exist only to publish “top lists” of Lawyers and Doctors. They will send a solicitation to a lawyer, who will be able to buy his or her way onto the list of top lawyers for a few hundred dollars. If you dish out big bucks you can get your photo next to your name too!

Although there are some organizations like Martindale Hubble and Avvo which are legitimate and can be trusted as sources for lawyer ratings, there are many other award mills creating lists of top professionals which some lawyers use to gain acceptance from clients.

There is no substitute for spending some time doing basic, easy research on the web on the type of lawyer you are seeking. A search for newspaper stories or a google search of a lawyer’s name can produce much more information than just going by award claims. During an initial consultation, questions about trial experience and the number of felony trials taken to verdict are very important. Even conversations with other people in the legal profession which may know the lawyer you are considering can be very useful.

When looking for a Las Vegas criminal lawyer, beware of awards plastered all over a web page. Look at the substantive experience and that lawyers reputation in the legal community. Gabriel L. Grasso has been in continuous practice as a criminal defense trial lawyer for almost 30 years. He refuses to buy awards online, but his record of trial wins and satisfied clients speaks for itself. If you need serious and effective representation, call Las Vegas defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso at 702-868-8866.