in Arrests

The law can be a confusing thing to decipher and interpret. But when you’ve been arrested or detained for interrogation, the law can become an even more frightening entity to understand.

However, as long as you understand and comprehend certain aspects and rights, you can protect yourself against a police officer’s biggest unsuspecting ally: you.

refusing to talk

If you’re speaking with a police officer, FBI agent or state trooper, and you feel that you could be tricked into saying something that could be held against you later in a court of law, then don’t be afraid to claim your right to remain silent. By telling authorities “I will remain silent and would like to get a lawyer,” you can halt the verbal assault from officials. This right can be exercised while in interrogation, on the street or in your home. The right to remain silent also protects non-citizen immigrants as well.

These simple words invoke your given rights to avoid saying something that could be viewed as incriminating, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. While the right to remain silent is tricky, uttering this phrase and consulting a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas immediately could save you a lot of headaches in a court room or interrogation room.

photo by mpclemens