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If you’re an innocent civilian under arrest for a crime, it doesn’t mean you’ll spend hard time in jail. Keeping your wits about you can prevent making a bad situation even worse.

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3 Important Things to Remember If You’re Innocently Arrested

When you’re arrested in Las Vegas, it doesn’t mean that you’ll wind up spending time in jail or going to prison. In most cases, police will place individuals into custody in order to get to the bottom of a situation. Often, those who have been arrested are released quickly once the facts have been discovered. If you’re ever put in a situation as an innocent party, there are a few things you need to remember that can help you walk away from the incident.

The Right to Remain Silent

The Miranda Rights are put into place to protect you from implicating yourself in wrong doings. Being arrested can be extremely stressful, and you might say things that confuse the issue while implicating yourself in something you didn’t do. Often, it is better to remain silent until you’ve had a chance to speak to a lawyer.

Relax, Compose Yourself and Be Succinct

If you’re innocent, you have nothing to fear. While no one wants to be in police custody in Las Vegas, try to relax and know that things should turn out in your favor. Being as succinct in your responses as possible can help law enforcement realize that you’re innocent. This is best done with a lawyer if possible as he or she isn’t affected by the emotional stress you’re under and can answer questions on your behalf.

Your Right to An Attorney

A criminal lawyer in Las Vegas does more for you than just appear in court. He or she can represent you during questioning, giving you a focused alternative as opposed to yourself saying something that can be misconstrued or misunderstood. The lawyer is there to help you and will be the mediation between yourself and law enforcement. This can make the situation much easier to manage and get you on your way.