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Federal healthcare fraud involves the interaction of healthcare providers with the federal Medicare/Medicaid system. Healthcare providers are required to fill out claims with information about payments in order to receive funding from the government. They are also required to submit certain kinds of information and documents in order to support the claims that they have filed. When a healthcare provider submits information that is untrue or misleading, it can result in receiving undeserved funds. This is an example of healthcare fraud.

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Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is recognized as the most damaging type of government related fraud, with statistics showing that roughly $60 billion dollars are lost to healthcare fraud every year. Despite the government’s best efforts, they cannot watch over all of the healthcare claims that are made for assistance and funding. This is why the False Claims Act was created, since the government needs whistleblowers in order to recover money that gets taken fraudulently.

It is not uncommon for people to get charged with healthcare fraud when they never actually intended to commit fraud. Employees of healthcare providers are at greater risk of being suspected of participating in schemes which they may be involved in simply by virtue of their job requirements. Medical equipment providers are also scrutinized by Government investigators for healthcare fraud violations.

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