Upholding Your Rights

The U.S. Constitution extends the right to a legal defense to anyone who has been accused of a crime. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gabriel Grasso prides himself in his ability to uphold this right for his clients. He provides the accused with a vigorous defense in the courtroom that yields impressive results in their favor.


Early Intervention

It is important to remember that the earlier a defense attorney is engaged in the legal process, the more an attorney can contribute to the defense of those who find themselves accused of a crime. Early intervention can greatly improve a defendant’s chances of prevailing during a criminal prosecution. A timely investigation during the early stages of a criminal prosecution may deliver the incredibly favorable results  that Las Vegas criminal lawyer Gabriel Grasso has gotten for so many of his clients.

Specializing in Criminal Defense

If you or someone you hold dear has been arrested, it is necessary to hire an attorney who specializes in criminal defense law. A criminal conviction can have terrible consequences. Penalties can range from probation to jail time. A qualified attorney, such as Gabriel Grasso, can mean the difference between success and failure during this most difficult time. The chances of a favorable outcome can be greatly enhanced by hiring an experienced attorney that has a proven record of success such as Las Vegas criminal lawyer Gabriel Grasso.

Mr. Grasso has over two decades of criminal defense practice that will arm anyone with an aggressive defense in the courtroom. His experience ranges from simple misdemeanor charges to serious felonies.  His record of trial acquittals is over and above other Las Vegas criminal lawyers. He prides himself on the excellence that yields his clients favorable results in court.

Impressive Track Record of Verdicts

In Mr. Grasso’s many years of experience as a lawyer, his record of procuring a not guilty verdict is an astounding one. Mr. Grasso has vigorously defended clients in more than 130 trials, and an impressive majority of them have resulted in favorable verdicts. His experience with the law affords his clients their freedom, and the great numbers of not guilty verdicts show this to be factual. Las Vegas criminal lawyer Gabriel Grasso knows the law. He is with his clients every step of the way during a criminal trial. Mr. Grasso’s expertise and his devotion to protecting our constitutional rights are unwavering. No matter what crime an individual has been charged with, Gabriel Grasso is the best attorney to call. His record speaks for itself; he gets results.