Detailed.  Dedicated.  These words are used often when describing the character of a person, but what do they mean?  We use them in our daily language, on our resumes, to express what we think of our friends.  Do we even think about the impact of these character traits in the people we love, the ones we work with, or those who work for us?  Consider that you have gone out for Happy Hour with several co-workers after work one day.  You have done it many times before, and today seems no different.  You’ve had a few drinks, but decide it’s time to go home before Happy Hour turns into a long night.  You feel fine, you are certain that it is okay to drive; you’ve driven before after having much more to drink.  Besides, you’re only a couple of miles from home.  You get behind the wheel, and though you may be a little paranoid and more aware of your surroundings than normal, you are confident that you will get home safely.  Just a couple of blocks from home, and all of a sudden a car comes out of nowhere.  You hit it hard, and it appears that the driver of the vehicle is injured.  The police come, you are given a breathalyzer, and soon, you are on your way to jail.  You’d better start looking for a Las Vegas defense attorney.  Detailed.  Dedicated.  Do these words mean anything to you now?

Gabriel “Gabe” L. Grasso has been called the best criminal defense attorney Las Vegas has to offer.  His experience in over 130 jury trials include the infamous Las Vegas 311 Boyz, the O.J. Simpson robbery trial, and the changing of the North Dakota “adultery law” based on constitutional grounds.  The dictionary defines detailed as: attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts.  Mr. Grasso has a win-loss record that would suggest that the smallest details are not only important, but are, in fact, key components of a criminal defense. Gabe Grasso is also wholly committed, or dedicated, to the clients he represents.  His goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients, which takes dedication on a level most of us cannot understand.

Never before have two adjectives like detailed and dedicated meant as much as they could than in the moment you are sitting in the Clark County jail, searching for the top specialist of criminal defense law Las Vegas can supply.  Gabriel Grasso is that specialist.  Gabriel Grasso: dedicated and detailed criminal defense.