Brent Eli Morris was sentenced to 8 to 20 years in prison on Monday for cheating at craps. Morris was arrested Sept. 22 after he was spotted playing craps at Caesars Palace. Prosecutors said Morris’ method of cheating is known as “past post betting,” meaning that after the dice had rolled, he slipped chips into winning areas on the table. Morris was placed in the infamous Black Book, also known as the List of Excluded Persons, by the Nevada Gaming Commission in February 1994 after he served several years in the Southern Nevada Correctional Center at Indian Springs for cheating at a Lake Tahoe casino in 1989. Nevada gaming violations are serious business. If you or someone you know are facing gambling charges, or have an overdue casino marker,  count on the experience of Las Vegas criminal defense and casino marker lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso. Call today. 702-868-8866 or gabriel@grassodefense.com.