On May 27, 2011, the Court of Appeal of California, 4th District, held the California “turn signal” statute, which is very similar to the Nevada statute, is not violated when a person does not signal a turn if there are no other vehicles around which “could be affected” by the turn. In People v. Carmona, Although an officer saw defendant’s vehicle make a right turn without signaling, there was no other vehicle that might have been affected by the turn. Therefore, there was no violation of the statute, and the police stop of the vehicle was unlawful. Hiring a lawyer who keeps up on the latest changes in the law can make the difference between winning and losing. Rely on Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso to know the latest developments in the law and put them to work for you. Call today. 702-868-8866 orgabriel@grassodefense.com.