Excellent practices and great service. I appreciated the good communication from Mr. Grasso and his professional expertise to take care of my case. Thank you for the wonderful work and successful outcome.
Excellent practices and great service.
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Asjey V.

If you head to Las Vegas and expect to be involved with illegal substances hoping that “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” Gabriel Grasso will make sure that will be the case. I happen to have been involved with some foolish friends had possession of drugs in a public area, but I ended up taking the weight upon myself....
He is always on the job
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Mortimer C.

When you or your family has any legal problems the best thing you can do is go to Gabriel Grasso. I was lucky enough to hire Grasso for my brother case. My brother was looking to do 25yrs to Life and Thanks to Grasso my brother is home. Grasso I don’t know how to thank you for returning my brother...
Best thing you can do
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Maria R.

Gabe Grasso is an excellent criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively for his client within the bounds of ethics. My case dealt with a financial obligation to a casino. It should have never been a criminal matter, but the casino industry uses the State Attorney as a collection agency. Mr. Grasso resolved my case with the result being a...
As Vegas Criminal Defense
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Richard R.

Gabe was great, and his staff was amazing as well! Very well qualified and knowledgeable. Best part is he is very down to earth and can help relate to you better then most other could! Very good guy, and he helped me tremendously! Along with that, his secretaries and staff helped out a lot as well! Always kept me in...
Best and most reliable! Very easy to work with!
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Eric C.

Mr. Grasso has proven to be one of the best people I’ve ever worked with professionally. Between the courteous and friendly staff that works with Mr. Grasso to his own expertise, this jarring legal experience has been much easier than it could’ve been. During trial and the leading up to it, I was always kept in the loop. Mr. Grasso...
Thank You Gabe Grasso
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Alexandria B.