Going to trial

One of the most misunderstood parts of the criminal justice process is the jury trial. Most people think they know what a trial is all about because there are very popular TV shows which portray trials. In reality, however, the criminal jury trial is a very uncertain event with potentially devastating results for a defendant. If the State loses, there’s always another case, if a defendant loses, it usually means decades in prison.

The ultimate issue when considering whether to go to trial is risk. There is massive risk involved in sitting in a courtroom while labeled as a defendant and having a group of strangers make a decision based upon a limited and controlled set of facts which may not resemble anything that actually happened when the alleged offense took place. It is important to realize that there are two separate realities in every trial. There is what actually happened, and then there is what the jury is exposed to as representative of what actually happened. The filters that the actual facts must pass through before they are placed before a jury are the product of centuries of legal process which stretch back to the Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. A trial can be compared to a painting in that it’s a stylized representation of reality. As a result, regardless of what really happened, a jury will get only a representation of the true facts and make their decision based on this type of evidence. Here is where all the risk is centered.

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer cannot afford to take the trial process lightly. Competent criminal defense requires that a trial be a measure of last resort. The criminal lawyer in Las Vegas who does not understand this is doomed to make a mistake which may send their client off to prison for years.

The best criminal defense lawyers know when to take the risks associated with trials. One good way to measure this is to ask the lawyer you are considering what their trial win-loss ratio is. Gabriel L. Grasso has obtained favorable verdicts in criminal trials more than 80% of the time. This is one of the best trial win records in Las Vegas. If you need the best advice, call Gabriel L. Grasso at 702-868-8866.

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