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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing serious criminal charges in the Las Vegas area? Are you unsure of what penalties you may face if convicted? Are you in fear regarding what a criminal conviction can do to your personal life, employment or academic status and reputation? Do you know what the true cost of a criminal conviction, even a minor drug possession charge, will cost you in the long run? It will absolutely exceed mere court costs. Contact Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Gabriel L. Grasso. Mr. Grasso has more than 25 years experience defending individuals accused of crimes in both state and federal courts.

About Gabriel L. Grasso

Gabriel L. Grasso has had an impressive legal career beginning with a short stint in corporate defense and culminating in over 25 years of criminal defense work. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree, Mr. Grasso pursued a civil litigation career with a nationally recognized New York based firm. During this time, Mr. Grasso defended major corporations such as Union Carbide and Alcoa Aluminum.

Types of Cases he Handles

An Experienced Attorney Who Knows What’s at Stake

With his wealth of experience handling all types of criminal cases in Nevada and nationwide, Mr. Grasso is well aware of what a criminal conviction can cost you in the long run. Background checks are very common and very easy to do online. Any type of criminal conviction, even one that took place in a state other than your state of residence, can cost you on several levels. Initially, your financial life will be impacted by a criminal conviction in the form of fines, fees, court costs and restitution (if applicable).

In addition, you may lose your job if convicted of a crime and, depending on the type of crime, you may not be able to get another position in that field. Your job may also be at risk if you lose your license due to a DUI or drug crime. You may lose your professional credentials if convicted of a crime provided your profession requires you to hold and maintain certain credentials. If you are a college or graduate student and are charged with a crime, your academic status may be impacted even if the crime did not take place on campus.

Lastly, your personal life, relationships, your ability to see your children and reputation may all be affected if you are convicted of a crime in Nevada. Do not attempt to go through this without the help of an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

How an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Rather than attempt to navigate through the complex legal system alone you should speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney. Contact Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Gabriel L. Grasso at (702) 868-8866.

Mr. Grasso will use his vast experience to effectively defend your rights in court. His primary goal will have your charges dropped or dismissed. If that is not possible, he will do his absolute best to minimize the negative consequences of your pending criminal charges. And if your case requires a trial by jury, Gabriel L. Grasso is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in Las Vegas with more than 130 jury trials completed. Better yet, his success rate in trial is second to none, with over 75% of his trials resulting in acquittals.